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Garage Door Remotes

Garage door remote controls are handy and common. They are the "essential" that a lot of us use to get in and out of our homes. They cause few problems, are easy to fix when they do, and can be changed at little cost.

But what, exactly, should you do when your remote control button cannot perform its task? Or where do you look when you need a replacement for the remote? Or when should you think about replacing the entire garage door opener?

Good concerns all. Here are some answers to questions about repair work, replacement and updating your garage door remote.

Garage Door Remote Not Working?

When the wall-mounted button works but the remote does not, you most likely need to either reprogram the remote or change the battery.

Most standard garage door openers require just a couple of simple steps to program. Normally, you hold down the open button on the remote while pressing and releasing the programming button, then release the open button when the garage door opener light comes on.

There are some problems with garage door remotes that appear to defy solutions. In some cases individuals find that their garage door will open on its own. You might be sitting in the living-room, or away at work, and the door suddenly opens. The reason for some of these weird incidents might surprise you.

It seems that the federal government (at any level) can utilize the very same radio frequencies as garage door remotes for emergency situation functions. In the process of using that frequency in an area, garage door openers nearby can be inadvertently opened at will.

See below for info on changing garage door remote batteries.

Garage Door Remote Apps

Yes, there is an app for that. At least there is at the moment for the iPhone. I have no doubt that apps will soon be offered for other mobile phones that enable you to open and close your garage with your phone. Extremely hassle-free, but make certain not to loose the phone.

Garage Door Remote Battery Replacement

Weird as it appears, many individuals forget that the thing powering their garage door remote is a battery or two inside. When the remote appears to quit working unexpectedly, the first thing to inspect is the battery or batteries.

To do so, you will have to get rid of a small screw or two on the remote and then pry it apart. If your remote does not have screws, you ought to be able to access the battery by moving the panel on the back.

Get rid of the battery or batteries. If your remote uses AA or AAA batteries, you probably have fresh ones lying around the house.

Smaller, round batteries may need a trip to a battery store or electronics shop. Replace the batteries and reassemble the remote.

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