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Garage Ventilation

Garages are hardly ever served by cooling or heating systems, even when they are connected to the house. And while most people do not concern themselves about cooling a garage in summer, if you utilize your garage area as a workshop to deal with vehicles or house upkeep projects, or if it serves as a center for working on gardening tasks, a garage in summer can be a quite undesirable place to work if it is not cooled.

You have a number of choices for cooling a hot garage, depending upon your local conditions. Garages in areas with a moderate summertime can get away with an exhaust fan that offers big air changes throughout the day, but if your summertimes are hot, muggy or both, you may be considering a full-blown window cooling unit as the very best service.

Benefits to Air Conditioning the Garage

Not only will adding cooling to your garage make it a more enjoyable location in the summer season, it can help with your home air-conditioning expenditures. When you cool your garage, it helps to keep the rooms surrounding the garage cooler, as well. For example, if you have an attic room over your garage, that struggles to remain cool in the summer, getting rid of the heat from the lower part of the garage will make a big difference.

Other interior spaces also benefit, and it might ultimately cut your energy costs. In the same way that insulation keeps warm air from penetrating your house, the pocket of air inside your garage can assist in slowing the absorption of outdoor heat into the house.  In an uncooled garage, hot air slowly creeps into your house through a shared wall or door, raising indoor temperature levels and forcing your air conditioning unit to work harder.

Caution Regarding Central Air Conditioning

Whatever you do, don't use the house a/c system to cool your garage. This might look like a logical solution, and numerous property owners have tried to extend central air conditioning into a garage just by adding a length of ductwork through the side of the home and into the garage.

It is a bad idea for numerous reasons:

Your garage typically will not have an air return back into the HVAC system, and when a central air conditioning duct is extended into a garage, it can produce an irregular pressurization in the garage. This forces the remainder of the home to end up being slightly depressurized due to the fact that the air in the garage can't get back to the air return. While this modification in pressure cannot actually be noticed, except maybe by the minor breeze you pick up when the door to the garage is opened, it poses problems. Negative pressure in your house needs to be relieved in some way, and what typically occurs is that your house will draw air in from outside. Outside air bypasses the HVAC filter system, enabling toxins and irritants to build up within. And it also makes it harder to keep your house cool, considering that there is a consistent flow of warm air being available from outdoors.

The other enormous downside to connecting the whole home a/c unit to the garage is the potential for unsafe fumes to enter your house through the ductwork. Whether you're dealing with the lawn mower or just heating up the car, all sort of fumes are in your garage at any provided time. A few of them simply smell odd, but others, like carbon monoxide gas from exhaust, can be fatal.

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